Innocent while Treated Guilty


What must it feel like being innocent while at the same time being treated as a dangerous criminal? What must it feel like being marched out in front of your neighbors and family surrounded by police cars and armed officers confused as to why this was all happening while knowing that you had not broken any laws? What must it feel like when your spouse looks to you to explain what the heck was happening and you had no answer? What must it feel like to play by the rules your whole life, rise up from poverty, help your only to have fellow neighbor, pay more than your “fair share” of taxes “ and raise a good family, and do all this with honor only to have the institutions you have trusted and believed in your entire life turn on you.

This is what Dr. John Costino said happened to him in September of 2007.In the coming weeks we are following the saga of Dr. Costino and we will try to hear from all the parties involved. But there is another issue that all citizens and residents of every county in the United States must think about – who is your District Attorney is and what kind of character do they have. This has become startlingly clear with the guilty plea of the District Attorney of Philadelphia, Seth Williams .Williams was the product of elite schools, including Friends and Georgetown University Law School. He worked as an assistant D.A and became active in Democrat Party politics. He was the first African American elected to the office of District in both Philadelphia and Pennsylvania. His compensation package was over $200,000 a year. The median salary for his fellow Americans is about $50,000 and the average is less. Yet before pleading guilty to one count of bribery (he was charged with 23) he offered the explanation that because of a nasty divorce he was under tremendous financial pressure. Seth should get out more because lots of folks are under tremendous financial pressure as the result of nasty divorces, accidents, medical catastrophes and acts of God. They make a lot less than $200,000.They do not resort to stealing or lying. The Judge was so disgusted that he revoked bail for Williams. All citizens should be as outraged as the Judge. Here is why. The District Attorney of any jurisdiction has tremendous power over the citizens and residents of his area. The power over life and liberty. That is why the person holding that office must be of the highest character and above reproach.Their chief ambition should be to do justice for the citizens. Who is your District Attorney or chief prosecutor? How did they get the job? Was it political? What is their experience? Remember the prosecutor in your town can send the police to your house ad take you away. You should know at least as much about them as you do your hairdresser or doctor.

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