Bill Colley and the latest Tweet War.

I’ve got a 5 day weekend and Sunday plan to drive to Helena, MT.  The GM tossed me a couple of comp days last week and with the holiday I wanted a mini-vacation.  I tried booking a room in McCall, Idaho, a resort in the mountains but I was a little late in the game.  Helena is about a city half the size of Twin Falls.  Helena is Montana’s state capitol.  Outside the capitol building is a statue of Thomas Francis Meagher, the Irish revolutionary.  How he got there is the subject of the book the Great Shame.  At one time Helena was per capita the wealthiest city in the western world.  Gold and copper mining made millionaires.  It became the capital early and since hasn’t kept pace with neighboring cities.  I got a room there for $60 a night!  Near downtown!  Thanks, Expedia.  There is a great cathedral there and some fine museums.
A public TV reporter sent my on-air fill in a threat.  Last night I tweeted if Mika Brzezinski can’t stand the heat she should get back in the kitchen.  A feminist at Boise Public TV took offense.  My fill in is my county GOP Chair.  She asked him in an email why he would associate with a woman hater.  He shrugged it off and my boss suggested I write her and make sure she has the dial position.  She formally worked at a newspaper and her old editor told me today she’s quite full of herself.  She hosts a show about the state legislature with an audience of 105.  The number of state legislators!
I’ll try and send photos from Montana. If I’d only come to this part of the country 30 years ago…  I guess I’m a true Westerner.  I got my enhanced carry permit today.  I plan to sell the Jeep when I get back and then buy some more shooting hardware.  You can just drive out into the desert and start plinking.  Even on BLM Lands.
I’m enclosing a video from today’s show.  For the first time in a 31 year broadcast career I almost swore on-air talking about the Trump tweet controversy.  Our web guy told me yesterday nobody cares about my videos but I like to have a record.  I guess the company wants more cat videos and blog posts asking people about their favorite colors.  I admit I watch car chases so I can’t get all pompous about what he said.  Have a great Independence Day!

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