To the Graduating Class


In 2014, a father of a private Christian school in South Jersey, found out that the graduating class refused to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance to the United States Flag. He decided to write a letter to that class. With the atmosphere of making it vogue to refuse to stand for the National Anthem, perhaps this letter could make those misguided souls open their eyes and hearts to why they should think long and hard about their decision to judge our country so wrongly.

A Letter to the __________ Graduating Class of 2014

Dear _________ seniors, I was dismayed to hear that some of you did not want to pledge to the United States flag because you are not proud of this country.  I heard that one reason is due to the fact that we have legal abortion. I share in your dismay on this matter, but I want to impress upon you that this country has a political and governmental system that enables its citizens to change the course of such things we find evil and abhorrent.

I love my country and I will soon tell you why, but first, I ask you to ponder honestly this question – what country has given more people the ability to pursue their dreams and to freely express their thoughts without fear of danger to themselves or their families? I ask you this, because there are those that delight in the prospect of youth such as yourselves openly deploring your own country.
I earnestly hope that you will listen to what I have to say and reconsider your position and your actions.
One only needs to be aware of what life is like in other parts of the world, what hunger, suffering, and oppression exist on Earth. This great nation has always fed me and provided for all of my needs. It has always allowed me to live freely, to exercise my God-given freewill, and freewill is what this country is all about.

I do not live in a Pollyannaish world. I do not believe that the United States is a perfect place. Countries, like the people that live in them, are imperfect. You are not going to find perfection in this world.

Let’s look at the world today and some of the sources of so much misery.

In order to evaluate, quantify, or gauge anything, one must have a measure – a ruler or yardstick so to speak. Mine shall be the NAZI movement in Germany: the National Socialist movement. The construction of concentration camps started about 1933. Dachau was the first; it served as the prototype, the model for other Nazi concentration camps.

Initially, Communists and political opponents were imprisoned; later, Jews, Poles, homosexuals, gypsies, the disabled, Protestant clergy, Catholic clergy, Jehovah’s Witnesses, et cetera were thrown in as well. The real atrocities, however, the wholesale genocide of various peoples, did not begin until 1939 the start of World War II and continued until its conclusion in 1945. Ten million people in all were murdered by the Nazis during this period; six million of them were Jews.

This does not account for the soldiers and civilians killed as a result of the war itself. That number is much higher. Now, using the number of murdered, ten million people, between the years of 1939 and 1945, a six-year period, let’s look at the Communists.

There are many incidents of genocide under the banner of communism but I will list only three of the worst examples. First, in the Union of Soviet Socialist Republic (USSR) from 1932 to 1933, a two-year period, the Communists under Joseph Stalin murdered by starvation seven million Ukrainians. Second, in China between 1958 and 1962, a four to five-year period dubbed the “Great Leap Forward,” the Communists under Mao Zedong starved to death thirty million people. In both instances the population resorted to cannibalism, some even eating family members, and some parents even eating their own children in order to survive. And the third example, in Cambodia the Communists under the Khmer Rouge regime lead by Pol Pot murdered about a quarter of the population, about two million people. By the way, an honorable mention is North Korea where starvation has been going on for years in quasi-secrecy, although the full story is not out, it is estimated that at least one to three million have starved to death in a country of 23 million. Conclusion: the Communists are every bit as murderous as the Nazis were, perhaps more so. Depending on what source you accept, the Communists have murdered between 100 and 150 million people.

Typically, in communist countries, everything is rationed: automobiles, housing, healthcare, food, everything. They decide what direction your life will take. All is directed by the state, by the very few. The individual is not important, the so called collective is. God is not important, man is.

It is commonly accepted today that there are only five communist countries: China, Cuba, Vietnam, Laos and North Korea. The USSR and the former Eastern-Bloc nations of Europe are no longer considered communist. I hope this is true, but I personally believe that the verdict is still out. Communists are masters of deceit; skepticism is in order.

Communism primarily originated with Karl Marx. He published the “Communist Manifesto” in 1848 along with Friedrich Engels. Although the philosophy never got much traction in his lifetime, after his death in 1883, a group known as the Fabian Socialist in England began to propagate his ideas and it has been on the march ever since. Wikipedia states “it has been recognized as one of the world’s most influential political manuscripts.” The ultimate goal of communism is world conquest.

Communism is the antithesis to God. So, if you want to better understand the word of God, study its exact opposite, communism, after all, does not the dark help you to understand and appreciate the light. Read the Communist Manifesto, study the 45 declared goals to take over the United States, visit the Communist Party USA website to better appreciate what this philosophy is all about. The Communists take a thread of truth and weave it so tightly with lies it is nearly impossible to discern truth from error. You may be surprised or perhaps even horrified to learn how much of their values and beliefs have mingled with your own.

The evidence of communism within our own country can be witnessed everyday: the banning of the Ten Commandments, the banning of prayer in school, the assault on family values and parent’s rights, abortion, pornography, political correctness to shut people up, and so on.
I would also add to this list the promotion of multiculturalism. It may come as a shock to you but this country is not multicultural; it is multiethnic. Multiculturalism encourages people to cling to their originating culture, instead of immersing themselves into the American culture. They are slowly changing this country from the “Great Melting Pot” to the “Great Salad Bowl.” So instead of a population that is indivisible, you have a population of mixed but separate groups: just like a salad. And just as it is easy to pick out that special something that you do not like in your salad, it is easy to disunite people and conquer them.

Why would anyone want to do these things you ask? Because they want to destroy the culture, the society, the family, and ultimately the individual, and then rebuild it all into their own image, rebuild it into the perfect world – heaven on Earth.

They want a classless society where everyone works together in harmony. Now, I do not pretend to know what type of society exists in heaven. I assume there are few class distinctions in heaven with, of course, the exception of God the Father and his Son in management positions, and I further assume everyone works in harmony in heaven, but In order to do what the Communists want, they must rebuild man into Karl Marx’s ideal man – the Marxian man, Homo Marxian. Of course, they cannot succeed. God did not make man to be a cog in a wheel. They cannot rewire him, because he is already hardwired by God. They cannot undo God’s work, but they will try regardless of the cost in pain, suffering and blood.
Do Communists really exist, you may ask. Well, let me build on an idea posited in a quote about the cleverness of Satan by the great apologist, G.K. Chesterton. As Chesterton said of Satan, I would also say of the Communists: Like the Devil, the cleverest thing the Communists ever did was to induce people to think that they didn’t exist. But they do exist. One only needs to look. On their own website, Communist Party USA ( boasts the following:

“Our organization is made up of grassroots community, labor and student activists, national movement leaders, young and old, immigrant and native-born. We are electricians, writers, steelworkers, teachers, retail workers, students, small business people and more. We are working, unemployed and active retirees. We are women and men. Our members are African American, white, Latino, Asian, Pacific Islander, Arab, American Indian and from every nationality.”

If you ever really understand how much damage they have done to the world and continue to do, you will want to condemn them, but don’t, they need your prayers.

Another threat in the world today is the religion of Islam, or more specifically, the radical elements that have been spawned by it. I am talking about political Islamists. This is a difficult area to talk about because there is so much variation in how Islam is practiced, and I do not want to slander the Muslims who are fighting against this movement and those that are just trying to live their lives in peace. Islam, however, is not just a religion; it is an economic, governmental and judicial system. Political Islamists want to put into operation all aspects of this belief and force, not persuade, but force different peoples to live under it. There are only two options for those who will not convert to Islam, (1) be a dhimmi, a person with diminished rights, and pay a tax called the jizya, or (2) be enslaved or killed.

It is bad enough that these radicals use adults to carry out terrorist attacks, but they even encourage children from a very young age to become what is called a shaheed, a martyr, a suicide bomber. It is a culture of death and many Islamic countries are in danger of falling to it.

The law of Islam is Sharia and there are various brands of it depending on what country and what sect of Islam is involved. But in its harsher forms, when put into place, it completely rules an individual’s life. It is a cruel and inhuman system: homosexuals can be legally murdered, young girls are castrated, and raped women are convicted of adultery and stoned to death if they cannot prove their innocence. I could go on but I am sure you get the picture.

Most Muslims, though, are good people who only want to practice the religious aspects of the faith, but they are slowly being taken over by this minority of the Political Islamists. And just like Communism, Radical Islam’s goal is to take over the world, to islamize it.

You may wonder, why are these horrible things allowed to occur? Here is my answer. Most people never get involved. Germany fell to a minority of people. Most Germans were not Nazis; they were not members of the National Socialist party. In a country of roughly 70 million people only about 2 million were in the Nazi party in 1933. So, about three percent of the population began to steer the other 97 percent. By the time it was dissolved in 1945, roughly 8.5 million had joined, still only about 12 percent of the population.

The same is true of nations that fall to communism, nations that fall to Polical Islamists or any nation that falls to any dangerous-isms. If they do not remain vigilant; they will succumb to a minority of radicals.

Many other places in the world, not dominated by communism and radical Islam, are plagued with poor economies which cannot efficiently utilize the resources of the country or they have inept governments that cannot maintain law and order, and in the end everyone goes hungry.
Most of the world today is dominated by what I have illustrated in this letter. The amount of suffering on Earth is unfathomable, incomprehensible.
These countries that I am writing about today are mostly top-down in their nature. The ruling class, the top, makes the decisions which control the people’s lives. The individual, the human being is lost, and consequentially, his freewill is restrained. He is a slave.

The United States, on the other hand, is bottom-up or grassroots in nature. We, the people get to decide. The Constitution and the Bill of Rights were written to limit the political class and to afford the individual maximum freedom. But, sadly, I think this is changing.

For far too long, too many Americans have taken their freedom for granted and have been dropping the ball. They are more and more ceding their rights and responsibilities to the government, the politicians and bureaucrats. They are looking to centralized government to solve their problems. The politicians say, “we’ll do X, if you give up Y.” The helping hand of government is the sunny side of control, and eventually, if not curtailed, leads to slavery.

God did not want to create an automaton, a mechanical Adam that robotically prayed to him. He wanted Adam to choose, just as he wants you to choose. He gave us freewill: the ability to be constructive or destructive, to do good or evil, to love or to hate.

After all, if you are not given a choice either to love or to hate God, if it is already preprogrammed into you, can it really be called love? This is not what God intended. This is why he made us autonomous, to be able to choose.

This country was created to allow us to exercise this freewill: God’s design. But there are pitfalls. John Adams said, “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” And what you see today is the slow decay of our country because the people are slowly walking away from God and sadly they have allowed those, the minority with bad intentions, to guide this country. You live in a world formed by those who preceded you.

Look around at your neighbors. Can you see their future children, their future grand-children, all those that are to follow? Of course, I know that you cannot, but they are there. They are real! And many of the things that you do, think, pray about today will impact their lives.

I am sure that when you refused to pledge allegiance to our flag, you thought you were making a moral and courageous stand. But think long and hard about what you really want to stand for. Mighty challenges are about to come your way. You will need to recognize good versus evil. You still live in a free enough country where you CAN make a stand and influence the betterment of this country by legal means – can you say that of so many other countries?

Please, pledge today to educate yourself, to learn to recognize evil, and to start correcting the mistakes that were made in the past and are continuing to be made. You need to learn as much as possible all those subjects that you thought useless: history, economics, science, government, all things of this world. Also, you should initially listen to all points of view. Over time you may find, as I did, that those you thought heroes were actually villains, and some of the maligned are actually deserving of your support. It is a lifelong endeavor. I promise It will take the whole of you.

But refusing to take the Pledge of Allegiance is not the answer. It is tantamount to surrendering without a shot, and that is precisely what those who desire to rob this country of its goodness want and intend. I believe too many Christians stay out of politics because they fear getting their hands dirty. Unfortunately, if this is true, we will become increasingly marginalized. You cannot win if you never enter the fray. You must speak; as  you must act: for as Dietrich Bonhoeffer, a man who stood against Hitler said, “not to speak is to speak and not to act is to act.”

You do not get to pick the time and place of your birth, God does. You are given only one choice: what to do with the time that God has given you. Every generation has challenges. The first generations of this country had to solve the question of slavery. The answer did not come easily or cheaply and it was not solved in any one person’s lifetime. The final decision came at a terrible cost. A nation of about 31 million people paid with the loss of 625 thousand of its fathers and sons, and this does not take into consideration the number of the maimed men and destroyed lives left for many years after the Civil War. The following generations had to deal with the challenge of segregation, and you must face the challenges of your time.

I want to close this letter with two quotes. The first is taken from a pamphlet series called The American Crisis by Thomas Paine written during the American Revolution to inspire that generation to fight for its liberty. I think he best captured the heavenly value of freedom; and the second quote by the famous economist, Ludwig von Mises, which eloquently explains the importance of vigilance and citizenship.

“THESE are the times that try men’s souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands by it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman. Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph. What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly: it is dearness only that gives everything its value. Heaven knows how to put a proper price upon its goods; and it would be strange indeed if so celestial an article as FREEDOM should not be highly rated.” The American Crisis, Thomas Paine

“Everyone carries a part of society on his shoulders; no one is relieved of his share of responsibility by others. And no one can find a safe way out for himself if society is sweeping toward destruction. Therefore, everyone, in his own interests, must thrust himself vigorously into the intellectual battle. None can stand aside with unconcern; the interest of everyone hangs on the result. Whether he chooses or not, every man is drawn into the great historical struggle, the decisive battle into which our epoch has plunged us.” Ludwig von Mises

Please do not be a summer soldier or a sunshine patriot and please do not take your citizenship for granted.

Good luck Class of 2014. May the light of God guide you in your lifelong journey for truth.

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